Routine vs. Change

One question I like to ask the people I meet – ‘where do you picture yourself on the scale of routine vs. change?’ Change is certain. However, at a certain moment in life our abilities to cope with it differ. That’s one thing. Another – individual differences. Those two make up our position on the routine vs. change scale:


I believe, that all of us need a bit of routine in our lives. Our morning rituals, the way we tidy up things at home, the way we make coffee at work, our standard breaks, our alignment with the day and night cycle. Routine is like squares / lines on the pages of a notebook – it can play the role of a reference point. It can be the basis one needs to cope with change more efficiently. Some need more, some need less. It depends.

* * *

I have to cut the entry short. My little son is already awake. And I’m a grass widower.

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