I’ve always marveled at my Dad’s low expectations of material things. He doesn’t care about new technology (unless absolutely necessary), he doesn’t see much sense in changing e.g. a shaver “if it ain’t broke.” The list of such examples is long. Dad doesn’t need much living space. In fact, all his necessary belongings fit on two or three wardrobe shelves.

I remember him saying once:

“Every new thing costs time.”

Here’s a related quote from the movie Fight Club:

“Things you own end up owning you.”

A minimalistic life (like the one mentioned above) may seem dull. The point, however, is this… All the people I knew, who lived in such a manner, seemed happy and accomplished. More than the average. Of course, this might be a side-effect of a specific mind-set and not the result of being minimalistic, but… I don’t think so.

With all the consumerism around, it’s good to be reminded that “constant deficiency” is but a myth crammed into our heads. One can be happy, or perhaps happier, without “stuff.”

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