A Leader Needs to Be Fast

You have to trust my memory on that one. I haven’t got any links or quotes. But the results of the experiment I want to refer to are very interesting. If anyone can provide a proper reference or refute my arguments entirely, I will appreciate that very much.


An experiment on decision-making was carried out – two groups of participants were posed questions (problems) and were asked to come up with solutions. One group consisted of people who held managerial positions. The second one – “normal people” 😉

The results? Leaders were apt to decide quickly. Faster than representatives of the second group. However, the number of correct decisions was similar in both groups.

Quite interesting, don’t you agree? Perhaps I’m wrong, but I believe speed is something that can be developed, especially with practice. Actually, I think that oftentimes it isn’t relevant whether the decision a leader makes is good or bad (don’t quote me on that one, please). Not infrequently, we aren’t able to verify the results anyway (i.e. we aren’t able to consider all variables that made the end result up).

I believe real progress depends on the workers. A leader needs to be decisive. A leader needs to be fast.