How Much Freedom Do You Need?

I believe we are all explorers deep down inside. For some, this characteristic is more dormant than for the others. Obviously, we had it while we were young — the need to test limits, to go beyond, to break rules, not — to comply to them.

As parents, we know that all too well. Most of our parenting days we hear ourselves uttering sentences like:

“Don’t do that!”
“Stop it!”
“I told you already, you mustn’t…!”

Growing up, we become more and more accustomed to the world of rules…

  • Work from 9 to 5
  • Weeks from Monday till Friday
  • Clothes you mustn’t wear

I believe people are not inherently meant to live structured lives. We sign “agreements” where we trade some of our freedom for basic needs of food, safety etc. At the same time we lose more and more of this freedom. Sometimes, we seem to get used to it.

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