The 3 Things That Matter

Józef Tischner, a known Polish priest, wrote that in the course of a man’s life three things matter in particular:

  1. Things.
  2. Ideas.
  3. People.

We “evolve” from a fascination in things (e.g. toys which we believe will make us better) and become indulged in ideas (e.g. a great job or a concept, or any activity which we believe will make us better). There comes a moment, however, when we realize that neither things nor ideas are able to bring meaning into our lives. Certainly we won’t become wiser, stronger by owning a particular car, phone or rubber ball and we will not improve by devoting a significant share of our life to another ever-changing corporation. People, imperfect and weak as they may be, are one way to build something truly meaningful. Neither things nor ideas (if not involving others) will make us happy in the long run, especially if by focusing on them, we lose sight of relationships that matter. An important reminder to me and to any that listen — after a longer inactivity on this blog.