Message to a Brave Firefighter

We have a natural tendency to do FIFO (First In, First  Out) when managing our tasks. Whatever reaches our attention, gets more of this attention than in should. At first.

David Allen popularized the two-minute rule. While I agree with the concept (i.e. if you can tackle a task within two minutes, you ought to do it without deferring), I think there’s potential risk from what lies in our nature. We aren’t particularly good “hubs“.
When one receives an issue, it very often is “hot” – you read between the lines of an e-mail, your friend says something is important (his “important” or your “important”?), you get the wrong impression of the potential workload… When you hop in, it often is to late to step back.

Note for myself: forget the two-minute rule. Put everything down – in your time-management software or on a sheet of paper / calendar. Let it cool down a bit. Writing the task down costs time, but you might get an interest in the longer run.

Above all, respect your right to think.