When people change, it’s different to when people “adapt”. Adapting is ongoing – the staff continues to work according to old patterns and ideas. People try to get used to the new situation.
A real change is a metamorphosis. The situation is different and your staff feels better because of it.

“Adapting” uses energy, “changing” provides energy.

This a paraphrase of a text I had read a while ago. I’d rather not provide a reference, so… forgive me. Still, it’s food for thought.



My thoughts on the topic aren’t mature. I have yet to build my on change management toolbox. As of now, I have one sentence rooted deep in my mind – every system put out balance is prone to return to its previous state (I don’t remember who wrote that first, but I guess it was one them management gurus from the past). I heartily agree. Managing change is a necessity in program / project management, so… basics, I’m aware of. But obviously, there’s much more to it. And I suppose it can be an art.

BTW, revolution or evolution?