Time to Pay

“You don’t really pay for things with Money. You pay for them with time.”
– Charles Spezzano, What to do Between Birth and Death


I like the idea that everything in life boils down to time. Evolution occurs in time. Life & death (the “cleaning cycle”), growth… – time is an inseparable companion of ours. In a way, time makes things happen. If there was no time, “happening” would be a worthless concept, don’t you think?

In practice, most of the things we do are measured based on time spent – be it directly (e.g. wages) or indirectly (we still know how much time it took us to complete a task). In fact, our lives can be converted into time. How much have we got left? What value can we bring between birth and death? Scaring?

1. How did you buy this new XYZ?
I paid for it.

2. How did you pay for it?
I paid with money.

3. Where did you get money from?
I earned it.

4. How did you earn it?
By working.

5. How did you work?
I used my time to create value (based on the skills & competences I have – I took the time to learn and incorporate them).

We hear that time is a resource. Is it? Can we influence it? Can we make reserves as in the case of, say, oil or wood? Not really. Time flows. End of story. Time doesn’t give a darn whether we want to accumulate it, store it or make it stop altogether.