The Sleeping Warrior

A man is a creature of habit. When something is part of our daily presence, we tend to stop noticing it.


Something literally hit me a couple of days ago. When thinking about the male part of our species, one aspect comes to mind in particular – war. Men fight. Men have fought for ages. The ideal of a man – a warrior, a hero – is omnipresent even now. Characteristics of strength, stamina, fierceness or dexterity haven’t been forgotten yet. We adapt our eternal values to the current state of affairs, e.g. we refer to the art of war when thinking about business, we compare team leadership to commanding troops, we define a man’s strengths in “fighting terms”. “Winning”, “winners”, “win-win”… Some things don’t change so fast.

Take a look at a library’s shelves. Have a glance at your local cinema’s repertoire. Books, movies about warriors are literally everywhere. The fact is – we have fighting in our hearts. If something has been developed in us, has evolved for so many years, it won’t go away just like that…

A man feels adrift in our current reality. It’s a “low level” feeling. An identity crisis of sorts. Am I still a fighter?! Am I still supposed to be strong? What’s my real advantage? Of what *real* value am I to the opposite sex? How can I use my physical advantages to add that value?

Think about it. Is there any single characteristic – be it mental or physical – in which men are better than women? What’s happened to it?

* * *

Off the record…

Yesterday, I became a father for the second time. It’s a girl.