Would You Agree?

Whenever I talk with people who have views different than mine, it occurs to me that there is nothing objective under the sun. In a man’s world. It would be foolish to think that my arguments are entirely correct, would you agree? 😉

Now, I don’t want to start another discussion on whether everything is entirely subjective depending on who is the subject or not. It’s just… that it is subjective.


While [still] a big part of our values as humans seems universal, opinions on specific subjects vary. And of course – everyone is right.

Why discuss then? Why confront our standpoints with those of others? First, I think there is no other way. I.e. we need to compare our opinions on matters important to us. Secondly, other people (and their opinions) act as mirrors in which we can better see ourselves. Ultimately, confronting other people helps us shape the person we want to be.

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