A Standpoint

“To me success is fulfilling my purpose here on earth, and doing what I came here to do. That has nothing to do with money, fame or outer achievement. It has to do with becoming the best human being possible, and sharing as much light and love as I can every single day.
If we think the purpose of life is to do or get or accomplish, we will always feel like a failure when things don’t turn out as planned. If we look at life as a classroom in which success means growing into the best human being possible, we can begin evaluating ourselves and our experiences from a totally different point of view.”

– Barbara De Angelis

This is my starting point as well. This blog is a means to put my efforts and any accompanying reflections in one place. I write for myself primarily, but I appreciate readers like you.

Oh, and BTW… it’s not meant to be perfect. Perfectionism sucks. Progress rocks.

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